Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to IT Arena FAQs, ticket info, and tips on how to get the most from the event. For additional information, please contact us at

Who can attend the IT Arena?

To attend IT Arena, you need to present a valid ticket. Please note, you cannot transfer your ticket during conference days.

What is the format of the IT Arena?

In 2022, the IT Arena will be in-person (offline) for a limited number of visitors to show the strength and resilience of Ukraine, as even despite the war, Ukraine’s tech community continues to work, grow and support the county’s economy.

Can I watch the event live?

All speech recordings will be available for those unable to attend the event offline; however, there will be no live broadcasting during the IT Arena.

Where does the event take place?

Info on the IT Arena venue is only available to ticket holders and conference partners.

What are the safety measures ensured by the organizers?

All IT Arena venues are equipped with safe and reliable shelters. The team of organizers, together with military experts, worked out the logistics for the safest and fastest transfer to the shelter. An ambulance, representatives of the State Emergency Service, and the National Police will be safeguarding the event to provide timely assistance in case of need.

Can I return or resell the ticket?

IT Arena tickets are non-refundable. There is no option to change the ticket owner.

Where can I find the agenda for the IT Arena?

The agenda will be available on the IT Arena website in September.

How to apply for the Startup Competition held at the IT Arena?

You can apply here.

How can I become a sponsor at the IT Arena?

Reach out to our manager at

Where can I get a ticket?

You can buy IT Arena ticket on our website:

Can I pay for a ticket via an invoice?

Yes. To pay for a ticket via invoice, please contact us at

I want to buy multiple tickets. Are there any group discounts?

No. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for those who buy multiple tickets.


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