A bit of UX for an outsource giant

01 October, 2017-10-01 15:00 2017-10-01 16:30 Europe/Kiev IT Arena, A bit of UX for an outsource giant Lviv, 14 Rynok Sqr. Apt.8 (2 floor)
15:00 - 16:30
The Most Expensive Galician Restoration, Lviv, 14 Rynok Sqr. Apt.8 (2 floor)

Will describe the transformation of the Design Studio in DataArt from a small team of 3 designers and 1 webmaster to a group of more than 70 people. How it happened and what we did to make it happen. How we introduced the UX and usability to the company and added the UX processes to the majority of projects. Where we add the designers now, and what they are responsible for. How we build the design culture in the company, and heat up the own culture and structure within the studio. What we do to survive in the world of developers and how we collaborate. How we integrate ourselves into the healthcare and other internal practices.
The topic is valid for both small and big companies who start developing UX practice. In the past years the interest towards UX has grown significantly, and many IT companies started hiring the design people.

Anastasia Rezhepp
Country: Russia
Position: Head of Design Studio
Organization: DataArt

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"A bit of UX for an outsource giant"

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