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ADD a simple way to build your architecture/The art of architecture assessment

30 September, 2018-09-30 14:30 2018-09-30 16:00 Europe/Kiev IT Arena, ADD a simple way to build your architecture/The art of architecture assessment Teatralna str., 16
14:30 - 16:00
Hotel LOPOLIS, Teatralna str., 16

Two speeches here!

Attribute-Driven Design (ADD) is a systematic, step-by-step method that helps you design an effective architecture for software-intensive systems. With ADD, your design process is based on the system’s architecturally significant requirements (ASRs), which include functional requirements, quality attribute requirements, and constraints. ADD can be used for application domains ranging from information systems to embedded systems. The results of using ADD is a set of sketches of architectural views that a system designer can work from to develop the detailed architecture.

And The Second one

Architecture Assessment is vital part to understand how well the current architecture is aligned with the organizations needs and goals. In this talk different methods for architecture evaluation will be presented. Effectiveness of architecture tradeoff analysis method (ATAM) and bottom-up quntitative analysis will be displayed. These assessment methods can be used early in the software development life cycle as a risk-mitigation process as well as on later stages in order to have objective look at what needs to be kept or changed and why.

Country: Ukraine
Position: Senior Solutions Architect of Enterprise Technology Vertical
Organization: SoftServe
I have more than 12-years’ experience in custom software development and consulting. Have solid understanding of the software engineering concept, practices, software development methodologies and software architecture.
I have experience participating in all phases of the software development lifecycle for different scale projects, including product ideation, scoping, solution design, implementation, rollout and maintenance.
Volodymyr Fedak
Country: Ukraine
Position: Solution Architect
Organization: SoftServe
Volodymyr Fedak is Solution Architect at SoftServe. Successfully led complex projects with various sized teams, covering versatile aspects of software architecture, development, process and methodology. Having PhD degree in artificial intelligence currently he’s been working on large security and IoT projects. Volodymyr is an promoter for different architecture services at Softserve. He has great experience of conducting architecture assesments, legacy projects modernizations and providing large scale refactorings in rapidly changing environment.

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"ADD a simple way to build your architecture/The art of architecture assessment"

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