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Blockchain: technology, tokens, careers and what the future beholds

30 September, 2018-09-30 12:45 2018-09-30 14:15 Europe/Kiev IT Arena, Blockchain: technology, tokens, careers and what the future beholds Virmenska str., 35
12:45 - 14:15
ART CENTER DZYGA, Virmenska str., 35

At this point, it’s clear that the blockchain technology has a potential to transform our society and the way we do business. Fortune 500 enterprises, the UK and the U.S. government, major international banks – the list of influential institutions that have expressed interest in exploiting decentralized ledgers seems utterly endless. That said, the fever for blockchain innovation has yet to capture companies of smaller scale.
Perfectial, being one of the IT-companies who explore the possibilities and boundaries of the technology, invites IT Arena 2018 participants to the event where we will talk on the present and future of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and careers that are still to be built on this domain.


1) The latest trends in Blockchain: Panel discussion

2) Build Your Career as Blockchain Developer: pros and cons

• Ivan Kohut, CTO, Perfectial
• Yulia Sporysh, СЕО, CoinIndex.Agency (Kyiv)
• Mykola Dovhyy, Analyst, Taas
• Kseniya Zhytomyrska, Blockchain developer, Blocksoft
• Ihor Markevych, Managing Partner, Amigo Partners
• Rostyslav Demush, Marketing Expert Perfectial

Ivan Kohut
Country: Ukraine
Position: CTO and Co-founder
Organization: Perfectial
Ivan Kohut is the co-founder and CTO of Perfectial. Ivan’s primary responsibilities are the technical growth of Perfectial, driving the culture of innovations and introducing cutting edge technologies and instruments to the solutions we provide to our customers.

Ivan Kohut is dedicated to bringing value to the business as a solutions architect and technical adviser. He leads research and software development efforts through introducing industry best practices, overseeing the latest technology trends, heading the software architecture and tech-leads groups.

Industry Focus: Advertising & Marketing, FinTech, AI /Machine Learning, Blockchain
Country: Ukraine
Position: CEO
Organization: CoinIndex.Agency
Crypto and blockchain|Speaker|Women in fintech|CEO.
Building a Crypto Futures Platform, looking for investors for equity round. pm or mail
An ambitious, self motivated and proactive individual with 15 years practical experience of working within a variety of commercial environments including marketing research, IT development and finance. Resourceful, confident and highly driven to deliver excellent results. A strong team leader and team player. Flexible and articulate, displaying initiative and diplomacy.

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"Blockchain: technology, tokens, careers and what the future beholds"

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