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Micronaut vs SpringBoot: what do you expect from microservice framework

30 September, 2018-09-30 14:30 2018-09-30 16:00 Europe/Kiev IT Arena, Micronaut vs SpringBoot: what do you expect from microservice framework Virmenska str., 35
14:30 - 16:00
ART CENTER DZYGA, Virmenska str., 35
Microservices, Clouds, Serverless – all of this are nowadays buzz-words. It’s a trend of today’s software reality to break existed monolith into microservices and deploy them to cloud. And how java developers deal with such things? With the help of Spring and Spring Boot, which become a major player, de-facto, a standard in the industry. But Spring, besides all the goodies it provides, was never designed with the Microservice approach in mind. But the most crucial thing – there are no real competitors to Spring & SpringBoot. Without good rivalry, further progress is slower (or even doubtful).
In my talk, we compare the Spring & SpringBoot with new (RC-1 planned for the 30th of September) java framework Micronaut. We will see how less memory Micronaut can consume and how much faster is its startup time compared to a similar SpringBoot app. And also we will find out that the best practices and concepts from SpringBoot are valid citizens in Micronaut which makes a learning curve really short.
Andrew Petryk
Country: Ukraine
Position: Software Engineer
Organization: Grid Dynamics
Java Developer at Grid Dynamics with almost 4-year experience. Since that period I have worked for whole different projects - from small startups for 1 person to large multi-language microservices (more than 50 services and growing) product for one of the largest venture U.S. company.
My passion about “shiny new things” always push me to continuous learning and trying out all cool stuff that exists in Java ecosystem. Sometimes in prod).
I am an active participant in local engineering communities with my biggest interest in Data Science, Big Data, and JVM. Love to work with Spring Boot and Groovy. Already have Java10 prod experience.

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"Micronaut vs SpringBoot: what do you expect from microservice framework"

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