The Actual Cases of Virtual Reality Development at N-iX

01 October, 2017-10-01 13:00 2017-10-01 14:30 Europe/Kiev IT Arena, The Actual Cases of Virtual Reality Development at N-iX Lviv, 10 Rynok Sqr.
13:00 - 14:30

We specialize in the development of mid-core RPG games with focus on multiplayer gameplay. Our projects
usually require development from scratch with whole team involvement in creative process. N-iX Game Art
covers every aspect of an art production pipeline starting from small mobile to complex AAA games. What
is the stack of technology that we use? How do we staff our teams and manage our projects? Any extreme
experiences along the way? We’share our stories and listen to yours during meetup at IT Arena.

Daniel Poludyonny
Country: Ukraine
Position: GameDev Delivery Manager/Director and Project Manager/Designer
Organization: N-iX
In 12 years spent in GameDev as game designer and producer, Daniel has created more than 30 games -
from concept to the release. For over 6 years he freelanced, engaging with many different customers. Since
2016 started working with VR technology in gaming. Daniel joined N-iX, impressed by it's GameDev & VR
department, its cool and creative environment, bleeding edge technology projects and excellent team.

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"The Actual Cases of Virtual Reality Development at N-iX"

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