What does it take to clean an elephant with a toothbrush

01 October, 2017-10-01 11:00 2017-10-01 12:30 Europe/Kiev IT Arena, What does it take to clean an elephant with a toothbrush Lviv, 10 Rynok Sqr.
11:00 - 12:30
KRYJIVKA, Lviv, 10 Rynok Sqr.

Building QA automation for global service from ground up.

A retrospective view of a small team’s path to delivering quality reports for software used at a global scale.
Sharing experience, tricks, observations and (some) code that allowed a small team of dedicated pythoniacs to successfully cope with challenges arising at global CDN service QA process.

Volodymyr Yankevych
Country: Ukraine
Position: Lead Engineer
Organization: Limelight Networks
6 years dedicated to Python QA automation.
8 years QA in general.
Plus a few years in IT without strict speciality (private enterpreneurship).
Diverse roles and occupations: pure manual QA and networks-administration, automation,
teamwork organizing/coordination/leading and more.
Mainly backend and networking.
Participated in projects with variable team sizes, processes, approaches and durations.
Done both improvements on "legacy projects" as well as starting ones from scratch.

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"What does it take to clean an elephant with a toothbrush"

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