Andriy Moskalenko

Deputy Mayor of Lviv

Kenneth Geers

VP at Very Good Security, speaker at NATO

Mykhaylo Kropyva

InfoSec Director at SoftServe


Great Meme War: How Social Media is Altering Ukraine’s Invasion?

On the 23rd of June we reunited once again at the IT Arena’s tech talks, to discuss the role social media is playing during the war. We featured a freelance journalist and regular Wired UK contributor Chris Stokel-WalkerMarta Vasyuta, a 20-year-old Ukrainian TikToker, Dima Maleev who has one of the most popular podcasts in Ukraine and a new YouTube series on war memes, and Oobah Butler, Catfish UK co-host and filmmaker. It’s not a secret that Russia weaponized fake news to spread disinformation about Ukraine, whilst our country fights back on those with our own methods. Whether it is sharing videos on TikTok, posting content through tweets, or even sharing memes, can social media alter the ways we see Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?


Chris Stokel-Walker

Journalist and author

Dima Maleev

Ukrainian Podcaster and YouTuber

Oobah Butler

Filmmaker, bestselling author, Catfish UK co-host

Marta Vasyuta

Ukrainian TikToker

Andy Kurtzig

CEO, JustAnswer

Andrew Brown

CEO, EduNav

John Sung Kim

CEO, JetBridge

Mike Butcher

Editor-at-Large, TechCrunch

International Founders Continue to Run Business in Ukraine: Why and How?

In the first regular talks episode hosted by TechCrunch editor-at-large Mike Butcher, we’ve featured discussions by international CEOs and founders Andrew Brown, president and CEO of EduNav, John Sung Kim, CEO and founder of JetBridge, and Andy Kurtzig, the founder and CEO of JustAnswer. Speakers revealed how international companies continue to run their businesses in Ukraine.



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