Ali Rıza Babaoğlan

Country: Turkey

Position: Investor & Board Member

Organization: BIC Angels


Ali is an experienced executive, investor, and mentor. He has been several technology companies like SAP, IBM, GE and Linkedin for last 10 years.

Ali is an active business angel and invests in early stage start-ups. He is a shareholder and a board member of digital companies like Ekranİşleri, Temizlikyolda.com, Noluyo.tv, ARPandora.com and Segmentify.com.

He is advisor of technology investments for Estonian based tech-fund Bluecap Strategic Solutions, which has 11 investments in US, Israel and Turkey. Again he is holding advisor role in fastest-growing Business Management company Opsago, and working directly with Private Equity’s in EMEA region. He is also a member of BIC Angel Investors from Istanbul, Turkey.

Babaoğlan’s name is in the list of “World’s Most Successful Young People” after his valuable studies and works.

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