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Kochetov, Anatoliy

Anatoliy Kochetov

Country: Ukraine

Position: Delivery Director at Sigma Software

Organization: Sigma Software

How to turn risks to selling points

Anatoliy got Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Programming in the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics. He started his career as a software developer and went all the way up the career ladder having tested all positions from a beginner software developer, a team lead, a technical project manager and a project manager, to a delivery director.

Anatoliy became a part of Sigma Software in 2008. As a project manager, he joined several complex and challenging projects, which were successfully completed. In 2009, Anatoly became the manager of the Microsoft Solutions Department. And grew the team from 17 people to almost 200 eight years later. In 2017, Anatoly got the position of Delivery Director. For many years along his career path, he has been actively involved in business development and crisis management. Anatoly also has coached project managers for about 10 years.

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