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Until IT Arena 2019



Anatoliy Lytovchenko

Country: Ukraine

Position: Solution Architect / Architecture Manager at ELEKS

Organization: ELEKS

Blockchain in real IT (Myths & Reality)

He is a professional expert with over a decade of experience in engineering, architecture, management and R&D. His background includes many successfully delivered projects as tech lead or software architect, dozens solution proposals for potential clients and contribution to the company’s expertise. One of of Anatoliy’s last activities was position of Head of Engineering Office with responsibility to double engineering team, define technical direction, and setup operational processes.

He is also passionate about blockchain as a mix of technology and business approach. Actively marketing few blockchain solutions (started from internal proof-of-concepts and ending as real projects for clients) Anatoliy is willing to develop an approach where blockchain technology can be applied for the real business solutions.

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