Bas Godska Founder & General Partner of Acrobator Ventures

Bas Godska

Country: Netherlands

Position: Founder & General Partner

Organization: Acrobator Ventures

Catching Unicorns with Angel DNA:Traditional VC versus Growth Hack Angel Funds

Digital Dutchman, active in Tech worldwide since 2000, #1 Foreign Business Angel CIS (2014, EWDN); #1 Dutch Angel Investor (2019, Crunchbase), Top 10 most active angel (2013-2014, Firrm.ru), Personal investment portfolio: 13 companies, 26 advisories. Founder of consultancy firms Acrobator.com and Gogol BV. Co-founder/first investor Travelata.ru, top 3 online travel player. Past: C-level executive at Western blue-chip companies: lastminute.com/Travelocity, Sportingbet, Orbitz.com/Ebookers, C-level executive at Russian eCommerce leaders Ozon (Index Ventures), Lamoda (Rocket Internet), Kupivip (Accel), Enter.ru; MyThings.com (Accel)

Speech description:

Early-stage tech funds in Europe suck, you are often better off throwing money out the window. Founders in the first 3 years spend nearly more than half their time securing funding instead of developing their business — and still some of the startups 70% dies. Angel investors with hands-on help outperform funds big time.
Is the sector broken? What is wrong? Can it be fixed?
In this session, Bas Godska does some soul searching and unveils secrets as to how his 13 angel portfolio companies went from pretty much scratch to a combined >€600 million worth in 8 years time. He also puts the DNA of a successful angel investor and founders under the microscope, shares founder success stories, philosophizes how all this knowledge benefits fundraising founders, how NOT to approach investors, how an investor can spot upcoming “soonicorns” and how the founder-angel mindset saved lives in the 50s. An action-packed program!

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