Chris Cassarino

Country: United States of America

Position: Global Lead - Business Enablement

Organization: SoftServe

Stop Fixating on Fixing – Solving the global engagement problem with strength-based leadership

Chris Cassarino leads Global Business Enablement for SoftServe. Previously he spend over a decade leading various learning, leader, and organizational development initiatives and is the founder of boutique management consulting firm, Starling North LLC. As a certified strength and ICF accretited coach, Chris brings his passion about strengh-based leadership to his work daily.

Speech Overview:

Recent research shows that only 20% of the global workforce is engaged.  As we face this global pandemic, the role of leadership has become more critical to an associate’s performance, morale, and overall well-being.  In fact, recent research shows that managers account for up to 70% of the variance in their employee’s engagement.  When leaders can help their associate’s leverage their strengths, organizations may see up to a 21% increase in profitability, 17% increase in productivity, and 24% reduction in turnover.   This session will give participants an overview of the research with proven concepts and approaches to adopting a strength-based leadership approach.