Dr. Aleksandro Grabulov

Country: United States of America

Position: Director Innovation Lead - Connected products

Organization: Philips

Product Innovation Re-Invented: New rules for innovating in the Age of Digital Revolution with real time data analytics and context aware ecosystems

Aleksandro Grabulov is Director Innovation Lead for Connected Products at Philips Oral Healthcare. He is responsible for global product innovation of connected products / IOT, from strategic planning and creative solutions to full execution and industrialization. Some of his latest breakthrough innovations are in domain of Connected Oral Health such as Connected Toothbrush, Sensors and Breath analyzers.

Although working at Philips, his talks are focused on independent research which contains an extensive collage of interactive case studies, coming from unusual angles that blend all key learnings into the light of practicality. By leveraging his extensive industry knowledge and providing tangible real life examples from other industries, Aleksandro intends to disrupt your current innovation approach, provoke new thinking and be the catalyst for transforming your organization to better be able to meet the demands of tomorrow’s consumer in the age of digital revolution and contextual eco-systems.

Aleksandro is not your usual speaker covering innovation topics. On the contrary, he is the speaker that brings highly relevant and customized content, delivered it in an unconventional manner powered by high impact visuals and a mix of videos offering unique movie-like ambiance in order to make it inspiring, timely and actionable. Some of the unique examples are coming from Formula 1, Netflix, Amazon, Starbucks, Monocle, Philips, Nike, Google, Adidas and wide range of less known but potentially highly inspirational for your product development.

Topic “Product Innovation Re-Invented: New rules for innovating in the Age of Digital Revolution with real time data analytics and context aware ecosystems”

The Digital Era has struck all aspects of Innovation. Who will stay standing will be defined by the speed of transformation and ability to identify the sweet spot where the latest disruptions in technology converge with the powerful trends that are shaping the habits and behavior of our consumers in digital era. How consumers think, shop, connect and live life is now being influenced and impacted by endless competitive product offerings and opportunities to personalize their experiences. Understanding the newly emerging consumer habits and trends and winning their more than ever hard-to-get satisfaction, is the key to success for any organization. Designing a winning product proposition requires a new approach that tabs into a revolutionized consumer decision journey with never seen before touch points that will challenge the existing relationship you have with your consumers. The meaning of Product Innovation is being redefined, the process you know now is about to radically change. New rules are shaping product innovation: real time data analytics, context aware eco-systems, hyper personalization and self-adaptive hardware must be embedded into product innovation in order to be a winner in a Digital Consumer Revolution.

In this speech Aleksandro will share exciting case studies from various global companies Formula 1, Netflix, Amazon, Starbucks, Monocle, Philips, Google, Nike and Adidas focusing on emerging trends in new consumer behavior patterns that shape the future of innovation. Aleksandro will also share examples of Philips breakthroughs exploring contextual big data generated from products, and the collision between disruptive technology health sensors and contextual algorithms that will impact the way we interact with our products.

Future is now! Discover how these trends of digital revolution, real time data analytics and context aware ecosystems must be embedded into new product innovation process in order to stay relevant and emerge as a winner in Digital Era.

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