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Dr Richard Stallman

Country: United States of America

Position: Founder

Organization: Free Software Foundation

Computing, Freedom and Privacy

Dr. Richard Stallman launched the free software movement in 1983 and started the development of the GNU operating system in 1984. GNU is free software: everyone has the freedom to copy it and redistribute it, with or without changes. The GNU/Linux system, basically the GNU operating system with Linux added, is used on tens of millions of computers today. Stallman has received the ACM Grace Hopper Award and the ACM Software and Systems Award, a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Pioneer Award, and the Takeda Award for Social/Economic Betterment, as well as several doctorates honoris causa, and has been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

Speech Overview:

Digital technology is developing in a way that increasingly controls and snoops on people. It denies freedom, within our computers and on the internet. What are the threats? What must we demand, for the sake of freedom and privacy?