Emanuele Volpe

Country: Ukraine

Position: Chief Innovation Officer

Organization: DTEK


I received my degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Milan polytechnic university and developed my Master Thesis in Russia at the Novosibirsk Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion. I began working in 1998 for an Austrian manufacturing company as a Mechanical Engineer, then Commissioning, Service Manager and later as Project Manager working mainly on projects in the United States and former Soviet Republics. For a long time, I have been working as resident Engineer in the United States. Later 2006 I moved into Foster Wheeler working mainly in the oil and gas field as resident Engineer in Lithuania and Russia

My experience encompasses more than 15 years of project management involving manufacturing, chemical, refining and power projects as Engineering Procurement Construction and Project Management Consultant

I was recruited by Enel at the end of 2008 dealing with Project management on the Energy complex Engineering Procurement and Construction

I am now responsible for Innovation in DTEK

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