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Until IT Arena 2020


Ian Patrick Hughes

Country: United States of America

Position: Senior Director of Engineering

Organization: JustAnswer

Hacking Humans with A/B Testing

I have been programming professionally for 20 years and I have shipped code in numerous different verticals (from high-end product design to law) over the years including websites for MSN and mobile applications for the NFL. I am equally happy as an individual contributor on a development team or working as a senior manager leading a large group of talented people. I am currently interested in conversational interfaces that “actually work” and finding narrow purpose approaches to using Machine Learning for business. Some fun nerd facts:
1st programming language used was LOGO on Apple IIGS in 1985​
1st owned personal computer was a Packard Bell Legend 386X in 1986​
1st built first website in 1996​
1st paycheck from programming was a website built in 1999 in “classic ASP” (VBScript)

A discussion of how A/B testing is used in the modern web development era to drive desirable user behavior and increase business revenues. Concepts will include: An introduction to A/B testing and the different popular types generally employed. More programmatically advanced testing concepts and how they can be employed by your website or application. A deep dive into an A/B engine we built that leverages edge computing service offerings and how it helped us to increase profits internationally.

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