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Ihor Starepravo

Country: Ukraine

Position: Senior Delivery Director & Head of Automotive

Organization: Intellias

Digital Transformation for Automotive Industry: Hype or Hope?

Highly motivated leader in the software engineering space with hands-on experience in building multinational, global delivery organizations for large enterprise clients and strong awareness of technologies and global IT trends.

I create a value by embracing of the best talents and leverage them with my professional skills and experience of work in global cultures. I display an engaging, open-minded leadership style that is based on my fundamental believes of personal integrity and credibility. I’m rational kind employing analytical and critical thinking skills but tolerate people’s weaknesses and actively work to eliminate mines.

Specialties: Software Development, Team management, Organizational management: IT, strategy, people, sales, RnD.
Areas: Innovations, Business and Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Products & Services industries.
Verticals: Technology, LifeScience, Automotive and Enterprise.

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