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Until IT Arena 2020


Jean de Bressy

Country: Germany

Position: Product Owner

Organization: ZALANDO

The rise of marketing technologies

Product Owner at Zalando, in charge of the strategy for Facebook marketing and automation. We started the journey to build a fully automated marketing engine and want to share some of the things we learned on the way. Formerly working on marketing technology and tools at trivago, a hotel search company. Marketing and political science graduate, with a French twist.

Speech description
Quite rapidly we had to come to terms with one obvious observation: we cannot work on campaigns manually anymore.
First, there was no one to do it.
Then, no one could exploit the results of single Ab tests and expand them to other markets.
So we had to find the fastest way to remove manual work off our team. The following is a blueprint to reproduce what we did.
1. Automate your bidding
2. Stop testing like it’s 2010.
3. Don’t build a front end
4. Move fast. Break things

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