Jim Love

Jim Love

Country: United States of America

Position: VP, Engineering & Head of R&D

Organization: TAIT


As the VP of Engineering for TAIT, Jim Love has dedicated his focus to the perpetual innovation of new theatre and entertainment technology on a global scale. Jim and a team of skilled software and controls engineers write and utilize the TAIT Navigator software platform to take on a diverse range of projects, of every scope and scale. The unique opportunity to redefine the boundaries of technological possibility is what initially attracted Jim to the field, who graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Since then, he has traveled the world working on entertainment engineering projects. Moving forward, Jim seeks to continue to innovate and deliver cutting- edge technology into TAIT Navigator and into the fields of Television, Film, Theater, Opera, Touring and the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry.

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