Jonathan Vella

Country: Malta

Position: Co-founder & Director of Design

Organization: Hotjar

Four constants of product success. Lessons learned scaling a product from €0 to €10 million in ARR

Jonathan is a self-taught design generalist focused on defining and building digital experiences for web, mobile, and desktop apps. He believes that in this age of user centricity, just listening to user feedback is not enough. Products and their teams need to be able to respond to that feedback as quickly and as frequently as possible if they are to survive.

Since co-founding Hotjar in 2014 he has been responsible for Hotjar’s user experience, visual identity, as well as most of its front-end code. As an individual focused on experience and feedback, Jonathan has had nearly twenty thousand conversations with Hotjar users which taught him a lot and has been his biggest driving force to always improve things. Before Hotjar, Jonathan had worked on another two projects which failed to capture an audience – this is what really taught him that there is no such thing as getting feedback “too early”.

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