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Maryna Cher

Maryna Cherniavska

Country: Germany

Position: Senior Software Engineer at OLX Group

Organization: OLX Group

Lords Of The Files: Serving user-generated media at a global scale

As Cory House once said “Code is like humor. When you have to explain it—it is bad”. So we will not be explaining code. Instead, we will be providing insights into how to build systems with trunk-based development while dealing with challenges related to high load and large scale. We will be answering questions like, how do you move fast when you need to build a global service serving over a billion objects?

Can you apply a YOLO principle to software development more than once and get away with it? What is trunk-based development and why would you want to have SREs on the team? We are developers of Apollo, the media server for OLX, a global classifieds company in high growth economies including Ukraine. Apollo is storing and serving over 1 billion media items to 40+ marketplaces across the world totalling 70 million monthly active users.

It needs to not only deal with massive traffic, but also serve images optimised for various devices and internet connections.

We are the lords of your files.

Senior Software Engineer at OLX. Works with Java and Spring Boot, doing a little Kotlin in her free time, also has some experience as a full-stack developer with React and Node. Originally from Ukraine, but spent two years in Poland and the last year was based in Berlin. Has a lot of programming experience, having started to code in the times when Java was still comparatively young (and didn’t start from Java either). Happily married. Keeps a programming blog at https://mchernyavska.wordpress.com/ and https://medium.com/@m.chernyavska.


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