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Olaf Preissner

Country: Germany

Position: Vice President UX Design

Organization: Luxoft Automotive

Transporting Your Living Room to the Car

Olaf Preissner is a seasoned expert in the field of user experience design. In his role as the Vice President of UX Design at Luxoft Automotive, Olaf is leading most complex interdisciplinary user experience design
projects in automotive. Olaf is responsible for developing and driving User Experience Design portfolio of solutions and services that enables automakers and their suppliers to introduce advanced in-vehicle infotainment to vehicles, today. This includes user experience and user interfaces for vehicle head units, instrument clusters, head-up displays and mobility services. In addition, Olaf oversees global key user experience design projects and delivery locations, including China.

Speech Overview:

With the advances in autonomous and shared vehicles driving the mobility revolution, automakers are looking for new ways to integrate consumers’ personalized digital lifestyles into the driving experience. An integrated customer experience is essential for the future of mobility. At home, consumers expect their digital experiences to be simple, convenient and accessible at any time across a range of devices. Increasingly, consumers also demand access to their favorite content and services, in the vehicle and on the go. What was historically a set of siloed user experiences, in the car, at the dealer, at the bank, in the taxi, will merge into an integrated customer experience for mobility services. This new customer experience will be defined by Autonomy, AI and 5G connectivity – with the vehicle becoming an intelligent space, just like the living room. We will discuss and demonstrate how all consumers’ mobility needs can be seamlessly integrated with their personal digital lifestyle and a revolutionary digital, consumer-grade in-vehicle experience.