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Pekka Sivonen

Country: Finland

Position: Executive Director, Digital Transformation of Finnish Industries

Organization: Business Finland

Digitalization of industry, how to build environment for innovations

Pekka Sivonen, Executive Director, Digital Transformation Innovation Funding Agency BUSINESS FINLAND

Has raised second to most private equity funding in Finland, 38 million Euros in two rounds. 3+35 million. Has been selected as the Entrepreneur Of The Year in Services in Finland by Ernst &Young in years 2004, 2005 and 2006

Chair of Finland 2030 Future Committee for Corporate renewal. Chair of national strategy and roadmap on Digital Platform Economy. Member of national AI-workgroup. Member of High Level Advisory Group on Artificial Intelligence HLGAI to the European Commission. Digitalization expert for World Economic Forum WEF and World Bank. Founder of Digia, a publicly NASDAQ OMX -listed mobile sw-company. Took the company from 1 person to 1.600 persons. Has 20 years of experience in mobile software and 35 years as an entrepreneur.

Previously Executive in Residence position at Aalto University Center for Entrepreneurship as the Head of AppCampus, a three year global acceleration program funded by Microsoft and Nokia, then heading health-tech startup accelerator VERTICAL in collaboration with Samsung and Sonera. Co-Founder of HealthSPA –ecosystem and IndustryHack, a open innovation accelerator of Industrial Internet. After joining Finnish Innovation Funding Agency Tekes in Feb 2016 responsible for the digitalization strategy and related programs, 5G, Industrial Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Platform Economy and Smart Mobility programs . Starting from June 2018, Executive Director of BUSINESS FINLAND, responsible for the Digital Transformation of Finnish Industries.