Ragnar Sass

Ragnar Sass

Country: United States of America

Position: CEO & Co-founder @ Clanbeat, co-founder @ Pipedrive

Organization: Clanbeat, Pipedrive


Ragnar Sass is a serial startup entrepreneur & active angel investor. He is co-founder Europe best b2b startup Pipedrive & non profit foundation Garage48. His latest startups are HR software tool Clanbeat and startup community/workspace LIFT99.

His first startup was a social network for pet owners uniteddogs.com that had more than 350 000 users worldwide. His second startup, Pipedrive CRM has been a big international success story. Company has team 300+ wiht offices in New York, Tallinn, Lisbon & London.  Pipedrive is used by more then 50 000 SMBs from 170+ different countries, backed by amazing investors including Atomico, Bessemer.

He has also organized more then 70+ hack-a-thons in Eastern Europe, West and East Africa and Middle East. Today Ragnar is splitting his time between Europe and California and training his hunting dog to be first dog hacker in the world.

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