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Until IT Arena 2020


Ruslan Gibaiev

Country: Estonia

Position: Senior Data Engineer

Organization: Bolt

Doing real-time stream processing in one of the fastest-growing European tech companies

Ruslan Gibaiev is a Senior Data Engineer at Bolt (formerly Taxify), one of the fastest-growing transportation platforms in Europe and Africa with more than 25 million passengers in over 30 countries. Ruslan is responsible for all-things-data with his main focus being on building real-time stream processing infrastructure that would be able to gather huge amounts of semi-structured data from around the company, store it reliably, and process it with milliseconds latency allowing the rest of the company make data-driven decisions.
Prior to Bolt, Ruslan has worked for Yandex and TransferWise where he got broad exposure to a variety of technical challenges. He is an experienced software craftsman whose main interests lie in building reliable distributed systems.”

speech description:

Scaling data engineering in one of the fastest-growing European tech companies

Bolt is one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe and so are our data volumes. Since our launch in 2013, we have reached 25 million customers in over 30 countries. Not only we grow our market share in cities where we operate, but we expand to new regions and launch new business divisions. It all comes with massive amounts of new data.

In our day-to-day operations, we heavily rely on data for decision making and machine learning. That’s why we made a decision to switch towards real-time stream processing and event sourcing. It was a long and bumpy ride which has provided us with significant benefits.

During this presentation, Ruslan will share his team’s experience migrating all company’s infrastructure to real-time data processing, problems team has encountered, short-cuts they have made, and lessons learned along the way – Kafka cluster management, structured and un-structure data processing, data (de)duplication, reliability guarantees, making migration process as seamless as possible.”

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