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Valentyn Pylypchuk Headshot

Valentyn Pylypchuk

Country: Ireland

Position: Webmaster Outreach Strategist, Google Ireland

Organization: Google

Best Practices for Your Site in 2018

Best Practices for Your Site in 2018

Learn about the most recent Google Search updates and best practices from Valentyn Pylypchuk – a Webmaster Outreach Specialist at Google Ireland. Valentyn will cover topics like Mobile First Indexing, Page Speed update as well as a number of Security Best practices to consider for your website.

Valentyn joined Google in 2013. Starting from January 2017 he joined the Search Quality team where he helps webmasters solve their issues when it comes to Google Search and Search console as well as shares best practices for creating secure websites. Valentyn presented at a number of industry events including WordCamp EU, DNN Connect, NGO N-gage in Israel, Russian internet forum, Russian Internet Week, UX marathon and many others.

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