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Vasyl’ Zadvornyy

Country: Ukraine

Position: CEO

Organization: Prozorro

The Future of Governance: Can a Script Replace the State?

Vasyl has been working as an IT project manager, IT and operational consultant for 14 years. His specialization includes design, maintenance and optimization of the software process architecture, as well as process implementation monitoring and control. He has spent seven years in the Ukrainian IT-integrator “Incom” and then three years as an internal consultant in Luxoft. From April 2015 he started to participate in Ukrainian reforms as a volunteer by joining the team of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. On November 14th, Vasyl started to work at Prozorro as a CEO.

During these almost four years, he managed to reinvent a state enterprise as a sustainable IT company. Prozorro completed system migration from Amazon to Ukrainian data storage, integrated with several government registers, implemented new procurement procedures, developed the first state-owned marketplace Prozorro Market and launched the Bug Bounty program.