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Driving commercial opportunities at F1 races with WiFi analytics and technology
Director of Research and Analytics
Formula 1
How Generative Neural Networks Are Transforming The Future Of Synthesized Media
Co-founder and CTO
Artificial Intelligence: Self-Service in Manufacturing
Head of Artificial Intelligence in Production
BMW Group
Deep Learning for Mobile
Architect, Self-Driving Vehicles
Big Data Analysis via Deep Learning in Epilepsy
Senior Data Scientist
Computing, Freedom and Privacy
Creating consumer grade developer experiences
Director, UX
From Containers to Kubernetes Operators
Developer Advocate
What is missing in blockchain to achieve scalability, interoperability, and confidentiality
Founder and Managing Partner
What You See is What You Get – a case for visual testing
Principal Engineer
Opening the US market for sales, talent and funding
Co-Founder and CEO
Machine Learning and Culture changes for better Fraud Prevention
Director - Engineering Data and ML
Mobile Growth Trends
Pivotal Moments: from knowing nothing to knowing a little
Fireside chat "Deconstructing MacPaw success"
How winning the IT Arena Startup Competition helped Liki24.com to raise over $5M, to grow in 6 times in 2019, and to operate in two countries
The Complete Data Value Chain in a Nutshell
Senior Solutions Architect
10 Steps to Lead Through Influence
Industry Fellow and Lecturer
UC Berkeley
What kind of company do you want to grow up to be?
Holistic Product Management in a nutshell
Head of Quote-to-Cash Products
Lessons of Glocalization from Airbnb and WeWork
Country Director
How to build a culture of customer obsession
Head of Product and Innovation
Using data to ship the next best thing for your customers
Senior Product Manager
The SaaS Trust Crisis
Co-founder & CEO
How we built a 13000-customers SaaS. Why scratching your itch is not always the best strategy
From $0 to $20M ARR in 2 Years: Bootstrapping to Natural Product Market Fit
Keynote Speech: The fine line between data driven and data informed teams
Distinguished Product Manager
The invisible products
Trends in sentiment analysis. The entire history from rule-based systems to transformers
Senior Data Scientist
Enterprise IT Transformation and technologies that make it happen
VP, Head of Technology Office
Can a typical bank make a digital bang?
Workplace of the future
Chief People Officer
Strategy in changing times panel
Co-founder and CEO
Very Good Security
Stakeholder's management panel
Director of Product Management
AI for 1 and the million - changes that drive you crazy
General Manager of Research
Economic Resiliency in The Face of Adversity
You don’t need Kubernetes. You need to understand the ideas behind it.
Head of IT Advisory and DevOps Group, Technology Office
Death (march) Stranding – Delivering Evolutionary Architecture
Group Architect
EveryMatrix LTD
Mitigating risks of 3rd party JavaScript execution in modern browsers
Managing Director
Sigma Software Inc
Please fasten your seat belt: how private insurance will help IT workers to overcome turbulences in a fast-changing world
Regional Financial Lines Practice Leader
IQOS case study: the end of FMCG era
Head of Digital, Ukraine, Caucasus & Moldova
Philip Morris (IQOS)
Startup growth — a story of Clean.io, the best startup in Baltimore 2019, which got 5M investments in Aug 2020
Chief Executive Officer
Export potential of the Ukrainian IT sector
Acting director of the State Institution “Export Promotion Office of Ukraine”
Export Promotion Office of Ukraine
Tips From The Trenches: How to survive in Software Engineering
Application Architect
Deputy Lviv City Mayor for Development Issues
Invest in Lviv
Product Building Fundamentals
Product Manager
Transporting Your Living Room to the Car
Vice President UX Design
Luxoft Automotive
Digitalization of industry, how to build environment for innovations
Executive Director, Digital Transformation of Finnish Industries
Business Finland
Future telecoms: the digital transformation, product mindset and culture adoption
Future telecoms: the digital transformation, product mindset and culture adoption
Fireside chat
Operating Partner Technology
Sequoia Capital
CoreBanking to OpenSource
Senior developer and software architect
Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Challenges on legacy CoreBanking support and development
Team Lead of Core Banking development and architecture team
Raiffeisen Bank Aval
The Future of Governance: Can a Script Replace the State?
Product PR: a how-to guide
PR Team Leader
MacPaw Inc.
Customer Development - the founding story and practical tips from Competera founder
CEO and Co-Founder
ML1: Creating a machine learning powered plugin from conception to publication
Senior Software Engineer
Growth: discovering low-CAC acquisition strategies to break through competition
How to nail design interviews in big American product companies and what to expect after you’re in
Senior Product Designer
Facebook, US
Interviewer at Fireside chat with Ajey Gore
CEO & Co-founder
Interviewer at Fireside chat with Oleg Rogynskyy
Venture Lead
Interviewer at Fireside chat with Oleksandr Kosovan
Mate academy
CD4ML based on Azure and Kubeflow
Lead Software Engineer
Ingredients of a high-performing IT sector as a long-term sustainable growth promoter: Canadian perspective
H.E. Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine
Embassy of Canada to Ukraine
Ingredients of a high-performing IT sector as a long-term sustainable growth promoter: Canadian perspective | Moderator
Kyivstar Open Telecom presentation. How to work with telecom data in a new way
Head of R&D in Digital
Migrating to the cloud: options and patterns
Director of Cloud-Native Services
Migrating to the cloud: options and patterns
Solution Architect
Modern Time-Series Forecasting using Machine Learning Systems
Data Science Engineering Architect
Three pillars of a successful deep learning startup: the story behind Reface
CEO & Co Founder
100500 ways startup can raise capital at early stage without losing equity
Associate Partner
25 years of the Finnish games industry
CEO and co-founder
GameDev Talents
Moderator for "Startup growth — a story of Clean.io, the best startup in Baltimore 2019, which got 5M investments in Aug 2020"
Product Launch in startup and b2b
Lead Product Manager
Vimeo Enterprise
Communication strategies and the most common questions
Managing Director
Exoventure Associates
Oops!... Another Startup Did It Again. Due diligence for beginners.
Executive Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Old Dominion University
How we make an American startup from Ukraine.
CEO and co-founder
Sigma Software

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