Most common five mistakes done by startups
Co-founder and СЕО
Co-Founder & Board Member
Founder & CEO at Notejoy, ex-Head of Product at Linkedin, ex-Product Manager at Microsoft
Tech journalist, product and media strategy consultant
TNKGRL media
Jet Packs, Iron Man Suits, Killer Underwear, Transforming Human Capabilities
Executive Director of the Wearable Robotics Association, CEO of GoX Studio, and COO of Fitt Scientific
Wearable Robotics Association, GoX Studio, Fitt Scientific
Make Your Apps Smarter With the Power of AI
Developer, Microsoft MVP
Digital Transformation Executive and Entrepreneur
Developer Advocate for Samsung R&D UK
Conversational commerce: emerging architectures for smart & useful chatbots
Founder, Chairman and CTO, Grid Dynamics
Grid Dynamics
Senior Software Researcher
Head of Enterprise Sales
Chrome Enterprise Browser Specialist, Google Cloud
Google Cloud
Holograms of the Galaxy Vol 2
Technical Instructor
A Cloud Guru​
4th industrial revolution and chacne for UA businesses to re-invent themselves and compete with the established players
Partner, Head of Innovation and Investments, KPMG UK
Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health and ex-Director at Microsoft Ventures
Clover Health
Is my idea viable? Tactics for validating startup ideas
Managing Director
The future crimes and predestination of cyber security. Thoughts aloud in a whiskey bar.
Director of Corporate Security at ELEKS and President of Cloud Security Alliance Lviv Chapter
Engineering Manager at OLX Group
OLX Group
Chief Decision Scientist
Google Cloud
Reducing technical debt in software architecture
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer at OLX Group
SoundCloud's way of applying Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
Production engineer at SoundCloud

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