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Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

"BOOSIK – is a blablacar in delivery. It’s a crowdsourcing C2C day-to-day service that works through popular mobile applications (android, iOS), allowing the Customer acting as Sender or Recipient to interact directly with the Courier, and to the Courier – to deliver the delivery along the route of their planned journey, thereby partially or fully compensate for their travel expenses. Any User, including the Customer, can be a Courier and vice versa: any Courier can act as a Customer. BOOSIK earns on commission from each Order. BOOSIK is this:. – Low cost of delivery due to lack of such costs as: own vehicles, warehouses, goods delivery points, service personnel – the resolved issue of the last transport mile; -High speed of delivery; – Delivery of goods in dimensions from hand luggage to a folding sofa. – cargo insurance; – non-cash / cash payment method. – cash on delivery (payment for goods only upon receipt by the User); – the repayment by the courier (the courier buys the goods at their own expense) – Intra-urban delivery is built by couriers with both personal vehicles and without it. – suburban delivery is built by couriers with personal vehicles, as well as by couriers (drivers) of buses. – Convenient 3-step Courier registration – Convenient, 3-step order registration Deliver any cargo, goods. perhaps with a buy-back or cash on delivery, it’s also just how to call a taxi through the Uber"

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