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Company name: CertChain

Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

In everyday lives each of us uses products and services which quality leaves much to be desired sometimes. It happens because no one can see and understand the real quality. It happens because: there is no public available worldwide database of certified companies and products; certificates are often ”dummy” – just a printed form; trust in the certifying body is built on its age and reputation; the end-consumer sees on the package only a quality badge as an element of design; the slow speed of issuing a certificate – the time to market products slows down. The certification system is extremely outdated. We care about the quality on the market. That’s why we develop CertChain – Blockchain Certification Network. It’s the first global decentralized platform where the full cycle of the conformity assessment process is recorded. It gives tools for taking up a decentralized recheck of results, getting a rating of certificates and auditors as well as the storage of the results of all inspections and visits to enterprises. The platform shortens the time for new products, services, innovations and technologies release to international markets, as well as provide information on the quality of products to end-users

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