Startup competition




Company name: Cubomania

Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

The Idea Cubomania is a startup develops children’s interactive electronic toys (cubes) and related software for educational purpose. Cubomania Smart IoT Toys are interactive cubes for children and a mobile application with the server-side support that allow to develop the personality of the child in the game’s exciting educational form: motor skills, logic, mathematics, financial literacy, etc. The main goal is to form one of the basic skills of the child is to be able to take into account the needs of others. Cubes 5x5x5 cm have TFT screen, Wi-Fi module, motor, sensors and connectors on the surfaces of the cube for fastening any LEGO items you want. The project realizes augmented reality for the child’s teaching purpose about new categories and objects which will help for growth of children creativity. There is also a permanent online support on the web site where the user will be able to download updated content for games and educational programs.

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