Startup competition


Foundation.101, NGO


Company name: Foundation.101, NGO

Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

All-Ukraine Complaint Service ”Karatel” (The Punisher) is a free of charge app that significantly speeds up and simplifies submission of citizens claims to authorities and private entities. The app allows citizens to complain on nearly any violation in just a few clicks be it extortion, pits on a road, parking violations, smoking in restaurants, mistreatment of civil servants, expired food in the stores or damage of urban amenities, etc. RELEVANCE Ukrainians daily load a lot of pictures and videos of parking violations, expired food in the stores, damage of urban amenities, pits on a road, extortion, smoking in restaurants and rudeness on their pages in the social media. These posts reach thousands of shares and likes but the problems are rarely solved. Given that precisely because of low legal literacy and reluctance to resort to complicated bureaucratic procedures, citizens do not file complaints to solve detected violations of rights, the implementation of this project is aimed mainly to solve these problems. OBJECTIVES 1. Support a service which simplifies complaining about nearly any citizens’ rights violation. 2. Motivate authorities to provide quick and efficient reaction on citizens’ complains submitted with the app.

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