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Helio Pulse



Company name: Heliopulse

Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

"Most of the energy costs are for house heating and water heating. Especially when we are talking about the hotels. To heat water for 1 hotel that has 360 rooms for 2 persons it will take 40 million liters of water and 1.19 gigawatt of electricity. In money equivalent it is around 120 000 $. How can we help the hotels to reduce the costs for hot water? We created a concentrated solar power stations for water heating. We are the first in the world, who combined the advantages of modern collector systems and industrial concentrating stations, and added a smart tracking systems, that solves the problem of overheat in summer. also it works effectively in winter. It doesn’t need the big water tank, and all the hot water goes through radiator directly to the boiler of the hotel. 1 mirror covers the needs of hot water for 1 room of 2 persons. So if the hotel wants to cut expenditures for 20%, it will need to install 72 mirrors, and they will save the hotel approximately 20 500 $ a year. Our system also saves 20% of CO2 emissions, so, for example, if we install such system only on 1 hotel, it will save 665 tons of CO2. Now if we imagine the impact on our beachhead market of hotels, we receive 29,5 million tons CO2 emissions cut. We believe that with the help of our technology, people will live in comfortable, clean and warm environment."

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