Startup competition




Company name: Lookky

Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

Lookky is a tool for stylish that will allow them to create a look easily from the clothes available in their region. Lookky is an app for fashion and shopping lovers who live in the cities with >200k population who is unhappy selecting clothes in different websites, and the impossibility to match the clothes together to see how that fits for professional stylists that want to have an easy tool for outfits building, who is tired to spend hours cropping images and pasting them in photoshop for SMM and PR managers of the ecommerce shops who could boost the sales of a specific set of clothes showing them in a pack with other clothes in the social media or their websites. We are building an app that: aggregates all clothes available in a regional ecommerce shops allows to create a unique stylish look in a few taps from the clothes available and see them as one complete picture allows sharing the look, clothing item, like it, buy in a shop that provides the best price helps to select a most suitable match for an existing wardrobe in our look builder Unlike other ecommerce shops we allowing users to create the best outfit easy on the mobile screen. Unlike other ecommerce shops we aggregate products from dozens of ecommerce websites that allow end-users to have a huge choice of brands and clothes available. Unlike other look building apps we are focusing on local shops (unlike polyvore) and not only on a premium segment (unlike kapsula)

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