Startup competition




Company name: Merch24

Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

Despite the growth of IT, restaurant, and retail businesses in Ukraine, we still lack mobile payment solutions that would make our experience safer and faster. We still use cash and swipe our cards without progressing along with the developed countries. We waste precious minutes at our tables and cash desks, waiting for terminals to do their job. This is a true challenge. And our mission is to upset this status quo by introducing a unique mobile app to the environments that fritter away our time. Merch24 is the modern way of payment using QR codes, designed to streamline payment operations in any industry. It requires no hardware / terminal from the merchant’s side, no credit card and cash, except for a mobile phone to process the transaction fees. So far, Merch24 works in tandem with Privat24. Why pay with a mobile phone? Our mission is to make a Ukrainian environment more tech-savvy. Plus, it’s safe and fast and enjoyable.

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