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Rayka App


Company name: Rayka App

Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

After studying and travelling abroad, we noticed that the stream of messages from friends, family, and neighbors looking for recommendations were unending. After being contacted by more than 30 people in one day, our founder knew there had to be an easier way to distribute student-oriented recommendations. Thus, Rayka was born. Rayka is a centralized, portable database for students to store, share, and see all of the best recommendations from studying and travelling abroad. With our easy-to-use interface, students can add themselves to groups in their city to see local recommendations and use the location services to find great spots while traveling elsewhere. Prior to Rayka, students had to rely on personally reaching out to acquaintances, sifting through crowded message boards, or relying on traditional review sites made for older generations. We make the process as easy and free as possible to help ensure a quicker acclimation to one’s new environment and a more enjoyable time abroad.

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