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Company name: Roopor

Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

Our daily routine leaves us no time for self-improvement. We seek for new knowledge and urge to develop as professionals, yet we constantly realize that time escapes us. One solution to this problem is E-learning or educational content shared online, but its accessibility is largely overrated. Our aim is to create a platform that will allow access to most recent, valuable and relevant information without any restrictions and obstacles. Roopor is a mobile audio streaming app that spreads knowledge and information by using full convenience of audio format. Our app provides instant access to education and enlightenment from all over the world. It connects people to knowledge anytime and anywhere, on the go. No more restrictions, far-away locations or time zones. Useful information will always be there at your fingertips. Listen to exclusive lectures and plug in to the best wisdom the world has to offer. Our goal is to help people learn, share their experience, evolve and change the world around them.

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