Startup competition




Company name: Yolucha

Describe your idea, state the problem and solution

Yolucha is a crowdfunding platform where people raise money to fulfil their dreams. The service allows all comers to participate in a funding of the things they dream of and get it by drawing lots. Money for education, vacation, house, whatever you think of. We unite people with common or similar wishes or dreams. Being apart, the dreamer is powerless to get funds for the dream. But if all wishful connect and raise money together, dreams come true. Imagine that you want an expensive car or a house at the sea line, and all your neighbours want. None of you, for some reason, can’t buy it. This is it. But wait, what if all the neighbours raise money for one car or a house and then draw lots and decide, who’ll get it? In Yolucha we believe it works because all of them receive a true and equal chance to fulfil the dream. We believe that when you do something generous, you shouldn’t expect anything in return.

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