Artificial Intelligence Against Russian Propaganda

15:00-16:30 Beer Theatre Pravda (4 floor)


The LetsData team and the Lviv Media Forum will demonstrate and explain, using real research examples, how artificial intelligence tools can be used to identify, analyze, and debunk propaganda and disinformation. Additionally, they will highlight how these tools can uncover coordinated information attacks in the media and social networks, as well as Russian and non-Russian influence campaigns targeting democratic governments and societies.

In the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine, these tools are employed to detect information attacks, gather evidence of Russian war crimes, and more. We will discuss how the experience gained from such research can be applicable and relevant not only in Ukraine and for Ukrainians but also beyond its borders. This will be illustrated through the analysis of the study titled “Countering Narratives of Russian Propaganda about Ukraine in Western Media,” which was prepared by analysts from the Lviv Media Forum based on reports from LetsData, in collaboration with analysts from “Detector Media” as part of the Monitoring of Media Discourse on Ukraine Worldwide.

Julia Danylenko
Stacy Holovenko
Yevhen Sapolovych
Halyna Tanai
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