BCP Real Talk. Making a plan that won’t go down the drain when things get real

13:00-14:30 Beer Theatre Pravda (-1 floor)

A story of how we managed to evacuate 2500 people from the war zone in three days. February 24 was the day that forced us to think beyond the conventional, beyond the checklist. It’s a story of preparation, resilience, and the power of foresight amidst adversity. Our findings and takeaways that you won’t read in books on how to resist in times of total uncertainty. We will unfold what happened behind the scenes of creating a business contingency plan before and after the beginning of the war:

  • How our BCP evolved
  • Pivoting points and lessons we learned on the way
  • Putting the plan into the real-life test. What worked and what didn’t
  • Saving people and business during the invasion
  • Sharing tips for others
Evgeniy Bachinskiy
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