Fundraising Tips & Tools for Ukrainian Founders

15:00-16:30 36Po

Are you a passionate Ukrainian startup founder looking to thrive even in a challenging market? Join us at the ZAS Ventures meetup, where we’ve got your back!

What to Expect:

🌟 Fundraising Wisdom for Bear Markets: Andrew Zinchuk, Founder of ZAS Ventures, will share invaluable fundraising tips tailored to Ukrainian founders. Learn how to secure investments even when the market is bearish, and your entire team is based in Ukraine.

🌐 Inside Look at ZAS Ventures: Discover how ZAS Ventures operates and the unique value it brings to the table. From product and strategy reviews to team strengthening and operational support, find out how ZAS Ventures can supercharge your startup’s journey.

💼 Access to Investment: Learn the secrets to securing investment from ZAS Ventures. Andrew will reveal the key insights on how to align your startup with ZAS Ventures’ investment interests.

🧰 ZAS Startup Tool Kit & Podcast: Artem Volkhonskyy, Andrew’s partner, will unveil the ZAS Startup Tool Kit – a treasure trove of proprietary knowledge to help founders succeed. Dive into the world of entrepreneurship with the ZAS Podcast.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with like-minded founders, gain practical insights, and explore the tools and resources that can elevate your startup to new heights.


Andrew Zinchuk
Artem Volkhonskyi
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