Generative AI: How Make Evil Behave?

15:00-16:30 Beer Theatre Pravda (-1 floor)

Have we opened Pandora’s black box with Transformers? How much can be leaked through smart prompts? Is it possible to make the evil behave? Let’s explore several prompts that you’d want to put into an LLM at hand and see how it reacts. After wearing the malicious hacker hat, we’ll look into soft and hard defensive measures against prompt hacking. I want your LLMs to generate polite, secure and inclusive responses!
Join our Meetup to know more about LLM modeling from AWS and N-iX Data&AI experts, understand how you can use it in your projects and attend the Q&A session with Cloud Solution Architect from AWS.

Elina Lesyk
Orest Furhala
Khrystyna Shakhovska
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