How Donor and Private Capital Can Work Together to Reboot Ukrainian Tech

15:00 - 16:30 Lviv City Council Tourism Office


We will hold an interactive conversation about various forms of financing available and will cover the differences between donor funding and private investments. The goal is for the audience to understand differences, so they are better prepared for future conversations about financing for projects and companies in Ukraine. Audience participation and questions are not only welcomed but highly encouraged!

Topics include: 

  • The differences between sources of funding and why this matters.
  • How can, and should, donor funding and private investment capital work together to not only keep the tech ecosystem afloat, but to help it thrive.
  • How to be better prepared to talk to donors or investors about your company/project.  
  • What advantages does Ukraine have and how to play to the strengths.
  • Can the ecosystem work together to attract more financing? 
Deborah Fairlamb
Daniel B. Prieto
Dora Chomiak
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