IT Sales: how to retain and attract customers during the war

13:00-14:30 The Most Expensive Galician Restaurant

The purpose of the workshop:

  • Raising awareness of participants about various sources of finding new clients and partners;
  • Overview of participation in international events and collective stands at exhibitions as a tool for direct lead generation;
  • Providing specific recommendations for increasing IT exports by companies;
  • Increasing the net profit of an IT company;
  • Clientcare function, upselling, how to find and show the value of your product

The USAID Competitive Economy Program is a 7-year, $90 million program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) aimed at developing a strong, diverse and open Ukrainian economy by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and business start-ups to increase their competitiveness in domestic and international markets, increase revenues, attract investment and create jobs.
IT Ukraine Association is the largest national independent specialized association of IT companies, representing the interests of more than 140 service and product IT businesses and more than 85 thousand specialists in Ukraine.

Speaker lineup:

  1. Maria Shevchuk, Acting Executive Director of IT Ukraine Association (moderator)
  2. Anton Skrypnyk, Co-founder & CEO of Kindgeek
  3. Antonina Skrypnyk, AVP of FSI Solutions and Consulting at SoftServe
  4. Iryna Bilyaeva, Partner and CEO of Juscutum
  5. Daria Boyko, Product Marketing Manager at Weblium
  6. Roman Tymoshchuk, Co-founder of Lampa Software
Maria Shevchuk
Anton Skrypnyk
Antonina Skrypnyk
Irina Bilyaeva
Dariia Boiko
Roman Tymoshchuk
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