Serious Games – Computer Gaming Technology For Cognitive Skills Training

11:00-12:30 Dzyga

Defining Serious Games
● What exactly are serious games, and how do they stand apart from traditional video
● Understanding the distinctions between gamified applications and serious games.
● The power of combining entertainment with education.
Serious Games in Action
● Exploring the diverse fields where serious games can be applied, from healthcare to
education and beyond.
● The compelling problems that serious games can help solve.
● Real-world success stories showcasing the transformative impact of serious games.
Game-Based Training – Unlocking the Power of Engagement
● Games as a sandbox, allowing learners to make mistakes, experiment, and learn from
their failures.
● How serious games engage learners and sustain their focus, thus enhancing the
learning experience.
● Discover how continuous feedback in gaming improves training effectiveness.
Lifesaver Sim – First Aid and Tactical Medicine Trainer
● Challenges faced by traditional approaches in Tactical Medicine and First Aid training in
● How immersive technology can help in saving lives on the battlefield and civil sector
● Existing digital solutions and their limitations.
● Lifesaver Sim – personal instructor and training ground in your pocket.
● Discuss the challenges we encountered during the development.

Exploring the Evolution of Serious Games: A Glimpse into Future Trends

Andrii Stolbovoi
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