Startup Agility in the Chaos: Mastering Rapid Adaptation

15:00-16:30 Nat Coworking

Failure is a potential success. The workshop “Startup Agility in the Chaos: Mastering Rapid Adaptation” aims to prove this point by providing valuable lessons to participants, especially young entrepreneurs and startups. During the workshop, participants will learn what unusual circumstances and challenges successful founders have faced, as well as what steps can help them overcome difficulties and achieve their goals.

Main goal of the workshop:

1)providing useful skills, knowledge and practical cases to the participants of the event;

2)familiarizing participants with real challenges and opportunities in business development;

3)creating an enabling environment for sharing experiences and establishing contacts, finding like-minded people and potential partners.

Mykola Maksymenko
Anastasiia Smyk
Iryna Volnytska
Rhonda Shrader
Misha Rudominski
Denys Krasnikov
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