Panel Discussion: The evolution of product management: how to build the products that don’t fail

13:00-14:30 36 ПО

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, the role of the Product Manager has never been more critical or complicated. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, a budding professional, or somewhere in between, this meetup promises actionable insights that will elevate your approach to product management. This illuminating discussion offers a deep dive into:

  • Product Management Transformation
  • Dynamic Role of Product Manager
  • Dual Responsibility of Product Manager
  • Product Manager Soft Power
  • Digital Marketplace Overlook
  • AI – A Game Change

Join meetup for riveting discussions, cutting-edge perspectives, and invaluable networking
opportunities with like-minded professionals.

Iryna Liubinets
Olha Vintonik
Olena Derebera
Andrew Balyk
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