When Customer Support Can Make or Break Your Product Success: Case Studies, AI-Driven Solutions, and Proven Best Practices

11:00-12:30 Grand Cafe Leopolis

This speech is about the impact of customer service on a product’s success. Hosted by Anna Mazur from Simply Contact, an award-winning customer support outsourcing company with over a decade of experience, this talk offers invaluable insights drawn from real-world case studies. This session is a must-attend for anyone committed to optimizing their customer service operations, achieving product excellence, boosting team efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

Key agenda items include:

  • How to enhance contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • The critical elements of an effective customer support team structure
  • Role of regular reviews and feedback loops
  • The impact of AI and automation on customer support
  • Proven best practices for agent training and quality control

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to turn your customer service from a cost center into a strategic asset that significantly contributes to your product’s success.

Anna Mazur
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