Nanit Robot, Startup Competition Finalists, Launch A Kickstarter Campaign

November 22, 2023

Nanit Robot was co-founded by Denys Skrypka, Vlad Kotov, and Pavlo Ovchinnikov. The startup specializes in developing EdTech solutions for both children and adults, focusing on robotics and programming design. Their product comprises a range of components and sensors, accompanied by training courses tailored for specific age groups.

In 2022, Nanit secured third place at the IT Arena competition, earning a prize of $15,000. Mike Butcher, Editor at Large at TechCrunch, also featured Nanit in his list of Ukrainian startups deserving investors’ attention. This year, the Nanit team participated in the Ukrainian delegations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas and the Collision Conference 2023 in North America.

Nanit’s journey

First, IT Arena boosted confidence in its actions. The significance of small victories in challenging times cannot be underestimated. For example, running production and video tutorials during blackouts was a real challenge, but the company overcame it.

Secondly, access to international events. Participating in events like TechCrunch and CES 2023 opened up new horizons for Nanit Robot. The company has received the first reviews and pre-orders for their product.

“Thirdly, IT Arena brought about cool new emotions, offline meetings, networking, and knowledge. After the competition, our brand became more recognizable. We began to receive more attention, with numerous media coverage, resulting in organic traffic. We also started participating more frequently in international events. Since winning the IT Arena startup competition, we have experienced significant growth and made significant strides in development. For instance, with the Nanit Discovery video course, sales were launched in schools in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia. Currently, filming is underway for the installation of a new course aimed at children aged 7-9 — Nanit Creator,” adds the Nanit Robot team.

On plans and goals

Nanit Robot is actively working in the B2C sector and offers a range of products:

  • Nanit Discovery: A kit for creative learning of engineering and programming for children aged 5-7.
  • Nanit Smart Home: A course in electronics and robotics designed for beginners.
  • Nanit Ground Drone: Lessons on building and maintaining home security systems and ground drone platforms.

In the B2B sector, Nanit Robotco collaborates with educational institutions and charitable organizations. The company is in negotiations with a network of private kindergartens. Nanit Robot has launched an educational video platform for adults to learn engineering, robotics, and programming.

Nanit Robot aims to reach a production mark of 500 sets by the end of the year, with plans to expand into the US and Canadian markets in the near future.

Kickstarter launch

Nanit’s goal is to raise at least $7,000 by December 15, 2023, with the main objective being $100,000. These funds will be utilized to kickstart the production of 400 robots.

Nanit Robot has created an innovative robot designed for children aged 5-13. This robot offers an impressive array of 30 transformation options and can replace up to 100 STEM toys. It not only fosters logical and creative thinking but also enhances understanding of physical processes while teaching the fundamental principles of robotics. Moreover, it increases professional orientation by threefold. The robot’s open-source programming makes it compatible with platforms such as Scratch, C through Arduino IDE, ESP, and Thinkercad.

To support the startup in its fundraising efforts, backers can purchase the company’s products at a discounted rate:

  • $59 for 10 video lessons on robotics and programming.
  • $249 for a Nanit Robot kit and 10 video tutorials.
  • $299 for a Nanit Robot kit and 30 video tutorials.

You can support Nanit Robot on Kickstarter here.